Bar soap stamper

SAS (Italy): Stamper: Maximum 180 p/c per min. (16~100g) ×2machines
Nippon Kakouki Co., Ltd (Japan): Stamper(Tanaka style): Maximum 85 p/c per min. (30~100g) 1×machine

Bar soap packaging machine

High speed pillow wrapper (Fuji Machinary Co., Ltd, Japan): Maximum 200 p/c per min.× 2machines
Cartoner (OM Ltd., Japan): Maximum 200 p/c per min. × 1machine
Stretch wrapper(Geruze, Italy) Maximum 50p/c per min× 2machines

Liquid production

3.4t mixing pot
1.2t mixing pot
0.2t mixing pot

Filling machine

Automatic filling line (6 heads) Maximum 40 bottles per min. (500ml) × 1machine
Shrinker for containers

Raw materials

Vegetable soap chips (import/domestic)
Vegetable fatty soap chips (import)
Vegetable transparent soap chips (import)
Soap chips with cow fat and palm tree oil (import/domestic)
Other materials are also available upon request.

Our factory is designed and operated with aims for high quality, low cost, space saving, energy conservation, and labour saving.

High performance roll mills by Buhler (Switzerland) cater to sandhill issue and maintain quality standards.

Twin-worm plodder by Mazzoni enables us to reduce time and soap base waste between dies changeovers. For stamping process, we employ SAS Condor stampers with multiple molds to increase effeciency and save space. By using impression stampers placed on the cutter, it is possible to manufacture soaps at low cost without the stamping process. All of our soap bases are provided in chips and we are flexible to your special orders.

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